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How to Fake a Polygraph Test

This articles explains the required steps to follow, showing you How to Fake a Polygraph Test. 

How to Fake a Polygraph Test – The Basics

Let’s face it, a polygraph examination is a stressful experience. There are numerous examples of people who are 100% truthful about an event or incident, yet they fail the polygraph exam. 

To make matters worse, it is not the outcome of the polygraph that worries people the most. It is the the consequences of the polygraph result that has the lasting effects. 

So How to Cheat a Polygraph?

It is possible to learn how to cheat a polygraph. We offer several methods of doing so, some take more time and effort than others. Let’s face it, a silly mistake should not cost someone their marriage, job or relationship. This is where we help.

Steps to Fake a Polygraph Test

A person can trick the tester on “probable-lie” questions. During the pre-examination interview, the examiner asks the person to answer questions they are likely to lie about. Examples of these “Polygraph Control Questions” are “Have you ever stolen money?” or “Have you ever cheated on a test?”. Most people have either stolen or cheated at some point in their past or childhood. The examiner uses a person’s response to a likely lie as a method of establishing how a person reacts while lying.

To fake a polygraph test, you need to lie in response to these questions like most other people would, but also bite their tongue hard while doing so, which will set off other physiological reactions in the body. The polygraph sensors will read these reactions, making it difficult for the examiner to establish an accurate baseline. The examiner will determine that you are a nervous person with a strong physical reaction when lying.

It is also possible to beat a polygraph while telling a real lie by daydreaming to calm the nerves. Thinking of a warm summer night drinking a beer, or whatever helps calm you down. You’re throwing the examiner off. Since the examinee has already convinced the examiner that they have large nervous physiological reactions while lying, the small reaction when you are lying won’t tell the examiner you are not telling the truth. 

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